This is a picture of Larry, Mike, Ray and Roger's Mom and Dad.  Nineteen years ago today on January 3, 1996 our Dad went to live with Jesus
and on August 28, 2012, our Mom joined my Dad.  Two of the best parents we could have ever had, and that is why we do what we do,
because they taught us about our Precious Savior that died for our sins that we might be saved.  Thank God for Christian Parents.
 We love you and miss you Mama and Daddy!

It's Here! 
Brand New Oak Grove Boys CD Release "GOD IS FAITHFUL"
May God Bless You.


44 Years of Southern Gospel Music

We are happy that you stopped by to visit our website and hope you will find something interesting while you are here.  We are a Southern Gospel Quartet and enjoy singing what I feel is the best music in the world.  We have songs for the youth and mature audience alike.  We have members that are great musicians that are still teenagers and are very accomplished in their playing ability that I'm sure will amazed  you.  We hope you will check out our schedule page and find a date to come and hear us soon.


Trust Jesus today!